Odd Args.

While grocery shopping the other day, I stumbled upon the oddest argument. It happened in the cereal aisle. Two people. Old. Easily in their seventies. One stood by his hoveround while the other sat in hers. The hoverounds were facing opposite directions. Intrigued by the scene, I discreetly walked towards them. As I approached, the man said, ” After all these years, you’re still a dumb fuck. Nothing’s changed. When I met you, you were an idiot. Today, you’re an even bigger idiot. I’m convinced [that] you spend your days giving away your IQ. ”

His adversary looked in my direction. I froze; we made eye contact. It got awkward. After a few seconds she focused her gaze on the old man and said, “You’re such a coccydynia. The greatest football team of all-time was the 91 ‘Skins. End of discussion.” My mind was blown. The old lady scooted her hoverround down the aisle. The old man never said another word. He just stood there.


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