Odd Args.

While grocery shopping the other day, I stumbled upon the oddest argument. It happened in the cereal aisle. Two people. Old. Easily in their seventies. One stood by his hoveround while the other sat in hers. The hoverounds were facing opposite directions. Intrigued by the scene, I discreetly walked towards them. As I approached, the man… Continue reading Odd Args.

In defense of Kanye West.

Say anything about Kanye but don’t deny his talent.  Ye produced classics like 03 Bonnie and Clyde, You Don’t Know My Name, I Don’t Fuck With You, Bitch Better Have My Money, and Forever Young. Yeezy has chart-toppers of his own, too (see Gold Digger, Stronger, and Niggas in Paris). In addition to the hits, he got content. In Power, Yeezy highlights social issues… Continue reading In defense of Kanye West.

What a Time to B.E. (Black Excellence)

Black Excellence is looking real fleeky in 2017. First, Michelle Obama, #NiggerNavy (see: Twitter), and the Obamas’ Farewell Party had social media ablaze. Then Clemson and Alabama will take center-stage on 1/9 in a showcase of young Black Excellence at the College Football Championship. I also heard Shondaland re-opens on 1/19. Welcome to the BHM pregame.

What’s Next: Concert Streaming?

2016 was likely another yuuuge year for music streaming (with the advent of Apple Music, Tidal) and music concerts. However, it may be time to merge the two – streaming concerts. Streaming concerts isn’t a new phenomenon (see Qello, LiveList, and even Tidal), it is merely a unpopular one among the powers that be. Despite it’s lack of popularity at the top, we, the… Continue reading What’s Next: Concert Streaming?

Samsung hopes to Bounce Back in 2017

Samsung is back and better than ever (they hope). After losing billions of dollars  on the Note 7, Samsung hopes its next phone releases are the figurative bomb that makes people forget about its literal bomb (Note 7). Will it succeed? It’s still too early to tell. But in the meantime, let us hope that Jay-Z is in the lab cooking up… Continue reading Samsung hopes to Bounce Back in 2017

7 Reasons to Start Your Own Biz

Yo. Everyday plenty of people dream of starting a business, but, for whatever reason, these people never take the steps to realize that entrepreneurial dream. Don’t be them. Below are seven reasons to start your own business. You determine your salary. You set your schedule. You can keep the business in your family. You determine your business partners. Favorable tax breaks.… Continue reading 7 Reasons to Start Your Own Biz